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Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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We certainly live in a time where many of us do a great deal of shopping on the web. While there are pros and cons to this, there are a slew of tools available for us to use when online shopping to make the process even easier. Read about 5 new tips for shopping with Amazon: 

Use Your Card Reward Points at Checkout

There are plenty of geeky ways to spend your credit card reward points, but you don’t have to be a geek to spend them at Amazon. By hooking your eligible credit card with Amazon, you can view and spend your reward money whenever you make a purchase. You can choose to spend none of your reward money, the total available balance, or some amount in between.

Unfortunately only a few credit card companies work with this feature at the moment. Chase, Citi, Amazon Rewards Visa, American Express, and Discover are all supported; check Amazon’s Shop With Points page for more information. If you’ve accumulated lots of cash back and have no place to spend it, give this a try! It’s always fun to reduce the cost of a big Amazon spending spree.

Those with tons of reward points from different sources should make use of tools to keep them all straight.

Improve Amazon’s Recommendations

Like all major sites, Amazon tracks your behavior so they have a better idea of what you’re interested in. It’s happened to everyone, though: you might be shopping for someone else, or could be reading hilarious reviews on goofy products. All of a sudden, you start seeing suggestions for weird items and wonder what Amazon is thinking.

If this has ever happened to you, try paying a visit to Amazon’s recommendation page. Here, you can rate recent items you’ve purchased to let Amazon know what you thought. Moreover, you can also indicate that a purchase was a gift, or just mark that you don’t want an item to be used for recommendations.

To take this a step further, visit your Recently Viewed Items page. Here, you can remove any item from your history, or even shut off browsing history completely.

Now you won’t have to worry about how that embarrassing purchase will affect your front page recommendations, and if you’re not happy with an item you can letAmazon know that you won’t be looking for more like it in the future. Who knows — you could actually end up with some useful recommendations after pruning these!

Set Up a Baby or Wedding Registry

Families expecting a baby have a lot to manage, so Amazon makes it easier to manage a baby registry. Head to the Baby Registry homepage to set up a new registry or find someone else’s.

Setting up your registry on Amazon instead of a traditional department store has plenty of benefits: your guests don’t have to head to a physical store to purchase a gift, you can easily share the list online, and you can add to or edit it anytime on the Web or mobile. You’re also given a 90-day return period on most items, so if something isn’t quite right, you’re not at a loss!

If you’re a Prime member, there are even more benefits available from a registry, including a free welcome box and a coupon for prenatal vitamins. Amazon even lets you add items from other websites into your registry using their Add to Registry browser extension, so if you can’t find it in their catalog, simply link it in from elsewhere! Once your little one arrives, be sure to check out the best Android apps that help with parenting.

Similarly, those planning a wedding can utilize Amazon’s Wedding Registry feature. It’s similar to the baby registry and offers many of the same benefits (you won’t get duplicate gifts since Amazon keeps track of what’s already been bought!). Planning a wedding is complicated, and since many of your guests are likely to be Amazonshoppers already, this makes the task a lot easier for you!

Get Ideas with Gift Finder

Have you ever been shopping for a gift but don’t even know where to start?Amazon Gift Finder aims to fix this problem. Simply choose whether you’re shopping for an adult, kid, toddler, or baby, and Amazon suggests some categories for that age group. Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s into gardening, electronics, or fashion, you’ll be able to find something great for them.

After you pick a category, you can sort by a ballpark budget ($, $$, or $$$) and choose to show only Prime-eligible items if you wish. Should you see something that catches your eye but isn’t quite perfect, choosing “See more like this” lets you take a look at what other customers viewed after viewing your item.

Can’t find the right gift using this page? Check out some little-known gift-giving sites instead.

Give Yourself a Budget

It’s easy to spend too much money when shopping online. If you were horrified to see how much money you spent on Amazon last year, you can set up an automatic budget for yourself using one of their relatively unknown features.

Titled Amazon Allowance, the tool lets you add to your gift card balance daily, weekly, monthly, or every two weeks. The funds are added directly to your Amazongift balance and can be spent at checkout just like when you have a gift card. While there are many uses for this feature (including sending a child at college money or giving a weekly allowance to kids on Amazon instead of cash), using it as a personal budget is a great idea.

Choose how much money you want to spend on Amazon each month, and stick to that amount. To take it further, try removing your credit card from checkout so that there’s no temptation to overspend. If you want to save up for a big purchase, each allowance rolls over — exercise some control and you’ll really feel rewarded when you can make the purchase!

If you’re a gamer who always needs the latest games, remember you can get 20% off new releases with Amazon Prime.

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