4 Features That Don’t Improve Mattress Comfort

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Your mattress is a very important piece of furniture in your home. How well you sleep can effect your health, so it’s important to choose a mattress that is the most comfortable option for you. However there are certain features on a mattress that don’t necessarily lead to more comfort. Here is a list of 4 of them.

More or better coils mean great support. The better innerspring mattresses we’ve tested had 600 to 1,000 coils. But having more coils won’t help if, as in some cases, they’re made of thinner-gauge metal. A sales rep might also crow about coil variations such as Bonnell (hourglass type), continuous wire, and coils of individually pocketed springs. None of those, we’ve found, is inherently superior for support.

Foam layers improve innersprings. The majority of innerspring mattresses in our mattress Ratings are “hybrids,” meaning they include foam on top. But on some models we’ve tested, that foam was sometimes too thin to make a difference in support. Performance varied; still, hybrid innersprings that scored well had a foam layer several inches thick.

Gel cools you down. We note in our mattress Ratings which mattresses have a layer of gel-infused foam, claimed to provide a cooling effect. But that layer can be buried beneath other layers. Past tests showed that innerspring mattresses containing gel tended to sleep slightly cooler. The reverse was true, however, with gel-infused foam beds.

Lumbar support helps your back. Manufacturers try to differentiate their product lines in many ways, and a specially raised lumbar-support zone is one. But it hasn’t shown significant benefits in our mattress tests, which leaves no guarantee that it makes any real difference.

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