4 Appliances to Check Before Buying a House

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_4 Appliances to Check Before Buying a House

When you’ve found a home that seems perfect, it’s still wise to do some double checking before finalizing any offers. Buying a home will be one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. You don’t want to find you need to replace something important and expensive right after you purchase your new home. Take the opportunity to look over the home’s appliances before a making a full commitment.

The most important appliances to check are the following:


This appliance should be one of the first you check. You want to be sure that both the fridge and freezer are cooling properly. You don’t want to belatedly find out that your refrigerator isn’t keeping your perishables fresh. Do you see any rust inside? That could indicate a moisture problem. Also, are the seals and gaskets in good condition and do they seal properly?


Whether it’s gas or electric, you must check the range. Make sure all the heating elements work – the burners, the oven, and the broiler. You’ll want to be especially thorough with a gas range, as it presents more complications and safety concerns. For any oven, though, check every detail – from if the timer works to if it seals properly.


The dishwasher is the appliance that will take longest to check, so it is one of the first things you should do upon entering a new home. When opening the door, be sure it doesn’t drop open too quickly. This could indicate a with the door’s spring. Like with the fridge, check for rust or corrosion. While in the home, you’ll want to run a test cycle. While it runs, check for leaks under the floor or the sink. Choose a cycle that allows you to test the heating element. You should see a stream of steam should come out of the dishwater once the cycle is over. Once the door is open, check that the unit is free of extra water. If there’s water left, the pump is likely malfunctioning.

Washer and Dryer

Like with the dishwasher, do a test run of both of these machines. You need to make sure they function properly. With the dryer in particular, you want to make sure there are no potential fire hazards. Is there an excess of lint in the machine? When it’s running, poke your head outside to check that the exhaust fan works properly.

While some home inspectors will check some appliances, they often focus more on more major systems like the air conditioner and furnace. Conducting your own inspection is recommended. Keep in mind, though, that even you thoroughly check the appliances, there is no way to gauge the life left on them. Be prepared for possible repairs and appliance replacements.

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