3 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, February 12, 2018

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_3 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

In Portland, first-time home buyers face a unique set of challenges. The growing market paired with climbing rates and limited housing options for low-income families makes for an intense real estate climate. For those new home buyers who’re prepared to dive headfirst in into Portland’s tricky market, these three tips should provide you with a smart framework to begin your housing search.

Start With Pre-Approval

Find out what you can spend before daydreaming over internet listings. Knowing your precise budget early will save you a lot of time as you narrow down your prospects, and it can also focus your search in terms of neighborhoods, or quadrants.

Use A Broker

Buyer’s brokers are paid for by the seller and incur no cost to the buyer. First-time buyers would do well to use a broker.

Dream Big, But Not Too Big

Knowing not just your budget but also the real estate trends in your area of interest can prevent you from making ill-advised decisions. Real estate markets fluctuate, and in an area experiencing growth at the level Portland is right now, being as judicious as possible while purchasing a new home is in your best interest.

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