3 Things To Consider Before You Landscape

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, June 1, 2018

Stone Bridge Mortgage_3 Things To Consider Before You Landscape

Your new home may be desperately in need of some judicious landscaping, but before you throw yourself and all your efforts into a landscaping project, consider these three necessary bits of knowledge as you grow your yard from a nondescript patch of land to an enchanting garden the whole family can enjoy.

Consider a Theme

The right theme can guide all your plant and material choices. When deciding on a theme for your yard, consider the architecture of your home. Complementing the lines and style of your home’s architecture will help you create a unified property.

Consider Usage

Who will be using your yard? Children? Pets? Are you looking forward to outdoor entertaining? Different spaces have different uses and using strategic plantings and hardscapes is a realistic way to marry usage and appearance.

Consider Maintenance

Whether you plan on maintaining your own yard or hiring someone else to maintain it, you must be judicious with your budget. Both monetary and time investments are required for landscape maintenance, so keep in mind what is in your power to maintain, and what may need outsourcing.

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