3 Things Every Seller Should Know Before Listing Their House

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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The sale of your home is a herculean process that could take months and maybe even years to achieve. Knowing what tactics to take to ensure your real estate foray is relatively painless and will save you countless hours of confusion and may even make you a bit more money in the long run. Prospective sellers, consider these three things every seller should know before putting their house on the market.

1) Know Your Worth – Having multiple estimates done will ensure your home isn’t passed over for being overpriced or disregarded as damaged goods for being priced too low. Make sure you and your agents are all on the same page in regards to how your home should be priced and their marketing strategies will benefit greatly.

2) Get a Makeover – Your house should be attractive, with plenty of curb appeal, fresh paint, clean windows and gutters, and well-maintained lawn and garden areas. The majority of buyers are far more likely to be persuaded into buying a move-in-ready house with a ton a curb appeal than a fixer-upper.

3) Keep Your Home Spotless – Nothing sells homes like open houses and nothing kills an open house faster than a messy living space. Diligently keep your home in a state holiday-host readiness to ensure it’s received well by all potential buyers.

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