3 Things Every Agent Should Know About Mortgages in 2018

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, January 29, 2018

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_3 Things Every Agent Should Know About Mortgages in 2018

In real estate, as an agent, you’re not required to be a mortgage expert, but knowing more than just the basics can help you become a stronger, more effective professional. You can help your clients make more informed decisions by learning just a handful of mortgage acumen. These three crucial pieces of mortgage information can save you and your clients considerable time and energy:

20% Minimum Down Payments are Not Required. In fact many loan programs require only 5% down. Know what government programs, if any are available to your clients that are first time or low-income buyers. Again, you needn’t be an expert, but a base knowledge will be enormously helpful.

Special Underwriting Requirements Exist For Condominiums. It’s imperative to know about seemingly innocuous issues such as pending litigation against a condo association, the number of units that are owner-occupied vs leased or rented, and if any areas of the building are used for commercial activity. A knowledge of these could save your client from any last-minute expenses that could have been addressed earlier in the process.

Credit Scores Won’t Be Affected By Shopping For A Mortgage. If fact, it’s highly recommended that your clients do shop around for the perfect mortgage broker. Finding the right fit will save them time and effort and the make the process much smoother.

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