3 Landscaping Trends For Spring 2018

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, April 13, 2018

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Start this season with a fresh perspective regarding your landscaping. Every spring arrives with a new inventory of trends, and from fruit trees to bulbs, there are many opportunities for value-adding landscaping in the Gresham area. Here are a few of our favorite residential garden trends for 2018.

3 Landscaping Trends for Spring 2018

Multipurpose Containers

An integrated concrete fire feature is a perfect example: It can provide an edge for your deck. It can house native plants. It can collect water from the home’s downspouts. It can provide seating, and, most importantly it can be a dazzling fire feature.

Outdoor Dining

A small paved area with an outdoor dining table surrounded by lush plants is an instant value boost for your home. Include lighting in your plans to ensure an atmospheric, enjoyable space.

Consider Habitats

Having a certified honeybee, hummingbird, or butterfly habitat on your property is as elegant as it is practical. These gardens are lively and colorful attractions perfect for families with small children.

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