3 Interior Color Trends For Your New Home

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, April 9, 2018

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_3 Interior Color Trends For Your New Home

Spring cleaning can often lead to spring redecorating, and for first-time homeowners still in the process of creating their spaces, it can often mean big design changes. One of the most common ways to transform a space is with color. Adding your own color palette to your home is a relatively simple way to make a space uniquely your own. While last year shades of charcoal, pale rose and beige were last year’s hot home trends, this year’s popular color palette is decidedly different. Consider these three trends that could potentially add value to your new home.

Violet (Cool Neutrals) — Pantone’s color of the year is being reinterpreted in icy shades of grey, pink and blue. This surprisingly effective neutral is lovely in homes with lots of natural light and crisp white accents.

Jewel Tones (Rich Accent Colors) —  Deep hues of crimson, teal and sapphire impart space with opulence and sophistication when applied with a measured hand. Complement these hues with gold, copper or brass details.

Grassy Greens — Of the myriad shades of green, it’s bold, verdant shades that are in fashion this season. Take inspiration from the flora in bloom all around us as spring officially takes hold.

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