3 Home Renovations That Appeal To Millennial Buyers

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, December 18, 2017

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_3 Home Renovations That Appeal To Millennial Buyers

If in preparing to sell your home you’ve noticed a proliferation of younger couples moving to your community, you may want to consider a few relatively easy renovations that will appeal to the younger buyers showing interest in your area. Millennial buyers by no means share the same tastes across the board, however, there are a few style trends that have become ubiquitous as these young adults enter the real estate market.

Open Floor Plans

Living areas that spill into dining and cooking areas, with fewer walls and more wide-open spaces have become a prevalent renovation trend. Aim for less partition and more breezy openness with renovations that encourage breathing room.

Updated Kitchen and Bathrooms

The less these young buyers have to renovate the better, so update your bathrooms and kitchens with trendy geometric tiles and pops of rich jewel tones or a palette of cool neutrals.

Opt for Sustainable Materials

Polished concrete flooring, plantation shutters made from reclaimed wood, and double paned windows are all value building, economical ways to instill the spirit of low-maintenance sustainability in your home.

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