3 Gresham Neighborhoods Perfect For Families

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, May 4, 2018

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_3 Gresham Neighborhoods Perfect For Families

New buyers scouring Gresham neighborhoods for the perfect fit would be wise to check out these areas. For suburban minded families, young hip urbanites, and retirees, there is the perfect Gresham neighborhood for your lifestyle. Here are three of our favorite up and coming ‘hoods:

City Central — For Portland Expats

Gresham retains all the old charm of a pre-2010 Portland, with lots of thriving small business and unique shops and boutiques. As Portland grown, so does Gresham. This chic neighborhood offers a cool factor that continues to rise considerably.

Kelly Creek

Families looking to escape the big city hustle and bustle will find serenity in the bucolic Kelly Creek neighborhood. With great schools, spacious parks, and a negligible commute to Portland proper, this ‘hood is perfect for working families.


The best of bright, exciting commercial areas and thriving, diverse residential blocks is found in the neighborhood of Rockwood. For folks who treasure close-knit residential communities as well as bustling boulevards replete with neon, there is no substitute for the charm of Rockwood.

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